Wednesday, 2 November 2011

From Home

One blink, one breath,
Where was time when it should pass? 
For I arrived at the end,
Only to know the beginning
For the very first time.

Past, present; meeting, merging
Refusing to fade, unwilling to trade. 

Moment by moment, I sort the pieces
Messed, jumbled, fitting, yet insufficient. 
Taking a step back, gazing at the empty,
Have I the right pieces,
Or have I  the wrong plan?

A day gained, a day lost,
To waste not another I must.
So in dark, in deep, with You alone,
For now, I start from home. 



  1. That was an awesome poem brother!

  2. Sir Robert Poe,

    You're back! Don't be on a hiatus for too long all right.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    God bless!


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