Monday, 14 November 2011

Life Before The Screen

My heart sinks (and stirs existing strife) on every occasion that I witness different members of families staring into their respective "screens" whilst having a meal together; even the little child. Sitting together, yet miles apart. Shame. And I wonder...

O, life before the screen

Will you desert us completely?

Fade not into our memory

For we need you more than dearly

O, life before the screen

Where letters were stroked to life

Where games were played outside

Where friendships were built with the eyes.

O, where families spoke at every meal

Where children pranced in the greens of fields

Where spines of books were crimpled and creased.

O, where birds tweeted,

Where cookies were eaten,

Where the apple in A was an apple indeed.

O, life before the screen,

Will you desert us completely..



  1. Glad you agree. Its tragic in many ways. Thank you Liz for dropping by. Hope to hear from you more!

  2. "Where the apple in A was an apple indeed"!

    I read somewhere that these days A is for Apple, B is for Blackberry, C is for Chat, D is for Download, E is for Email, F is for Facebook, G is for Google...etc

  3. You read it exactly right, Jasmine. Thought it may not have come across as clearly. Guess I thought wrong!

  4. True. We are sacrificing lot of good things for the small screen.

  5. Sacrificing a lot of good things indeed, George. Grateful for your visit. Hope to hear from you more.


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