Friday, 27 April 2012

Ageing In The Mirror

I look at how quickly time is catching up, that someday the curtains will close on me. Yet I’m taken aback to think that this “end”, in fact, has no ending. Startling, yet so comforting. Failing in the past, struggling with the present, yet Eternity for a future. An Eternity that must be shared.

I saw myself
Ageing in the mirror
But oh my eyes, they did not lie
Of that I was bestowed
That.. of endless time.

And God forbid
I withhold Its shine!
For all, in lofty eyes, precious
Yet nimble as these wrinkling appendages.

But oh! That which wrinkles, withers
Take it, I do not care.
Withal, I will do, I will dare.
For Death will, in my eyes stare
But my regret, my conscience…
He will never bear.


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