Saturday, 19 November 2011

You Disgraceful Front

How long will we allow corruption and foolishness to govern us? Shall we continue to hide in our little shells and allow them to satisfy their insatiable greed? They bloat themselves with what they do not earn, and starve us of rights and parity. Clear as day, yet dark as night. When will we shine our light...

Jester of jesters
Clown of clowns
You ridicule us all
With your insolent vows

Layer upon layer
Your face turns thicker
With conniving greed
And shameless deeds.

You take what is not yours
You fake all open doors
All in the name of self veneration
Oh, so filthy your ways, you arrogant nation!

You hold no divine right
Do you take us for fools?
You disgraceful Front
Justice you will one day confront.

- AfterTim-


  1. Your mourning words murmur and protest against an evil, that is just one small presentation
    of what EVIL is.

    Humans come from a long way of confrontation with it, thinking in Justice and Retaliation.

    Maybe that is the way, I do not know for sure, but in my deep self I think there
    is a different path to face wrongful acts.

    Justice and punishment are part of the same act of acceptance of evil, so revenge seems to
    be part of the same coin, a kind of mirage created by EVIL itself!

    So what is left?:

    A kind of small act of faith in that old Japanese adage: "Sit in front of your house and you will see passing
    the dead body of your enemy".

    EVIL seems so powerful from our small perspective that the best way to vanquish its shadow
    seems to be to let the immanent LIGHT to shine over it!

    Or maybe I am a craven coward not wanting to face the pain of an open confrontation!

    Difficult choosing!!

    I insist! You are a powerful poet AT, presenting very deep thoughts intertwined into your words!

    Thank you!

  2. You are certainly right to the core, Untony. However, there was no intent of revenge in this piece, for vengeance is not mine to impose, but God alone. Could not agree more with you about shining LIGHT over evil; however, regardless, we are all subject to Judgement from Above at the end of the day, and it is this Divine Judgement I speak of through this piece.

    Thanks for your kind comments, again!

  3. The doors of corruption is wide open. Knowingly or unknowingly we have become a part of this corruption.It's tough to break free, but not impossible.

  4. Not impossible. Indeed, indeed. So long we stand firm and not give in. Thanks for dropping by, George.

  5. This poem is very relevant to our present scenario. It is a fact that corruption is rampant everywhere. It affects more when encouraged by officials in power, politicians, wealth etc..

    Such an intense poem !

  6. Kitty, what you say is true to the core, unfortunately. Will we make a stand against this, that's something to think about.

    Thanks for dropping by Kitty.


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