Tuesday, 29 November 2011

To Know What Lasts

I marvel (in despair) at how we seem so governed by technology, at how it has infiltrated our lives and defined society so indifferently. I recall a time where the electricity tripped in our laboratory, rendering the LAN useless, and how everyone frantically froze, as if their world had crumbled before them. I smiled, (borderline) snickered, sat back and continued reading my good ‘ol paperback. Are we going to allow ourselves to be swallowed deeper and deeper into modern obscurity and forget the values of old which we, as mankind, could once take pride in?

Oh, lead us not into the path, that does not lead to You.

A blip in the board
A flip in the system
Faces froze
As if time had halted.

Many agitated, many clueless
Frantic; gasping helpless
But clocks still ticked, time still ran
Yet life, had stopped living?

Such vulnerability
The governor
Governed by the governee

A momentary lapse
And all things crash?
Oh grant us wisdom
To know what lasts.

- AfterTim-


  1. Do we run the machines, or do the machines run us? Personally, I try be as independent of technology as I can. I find the less I enjoy the computer, the more I enjoy Nature and people.

  2. I think many could take the advice you just gave, nothingprofound. Seems many choose, willingly or unwillingly, to be blinded by this "alternate" reality. Good to hear from you though.

  3. Sometimes we forget ourselves in the world of technology where everything is dictated by it. It's the time to rediscover ourselves.

  4. I like! More lighthearted than your usual.

  5. @George: Indeed, indeed. Mankind needs to rediscover themselves, before they get swallowed into their own man-made creations.

    @Jasmine: Thanks! Glad you thought so.

  6. Hello AfterTim

    Your beautiful post brought to mind a long forgotten memory, here it is:

    I remember an anecdote told by Dr. Isaac Asimov about an incident occurred many years ago when technology was just starting to fill human spaces.

    In a shared lecture he had with a futurologist, this person said that in a few year more, e-Books readers would replace printed books since those gadget were a marvel, with a small battery, it could "remember" the last sentence read by the reader, when put off, and could get back to the same place when it was on again. It would be small easy to carry and will consume small amount of energy using all the benefits of multimedia.

    As a closing joke, this person told Dr. Asimov, that finally all those books the Good Doctor had written would be forgotten in an old and dusty library.

    When it was the turn of Asimov, he said that he knew about a better gadget than the e-Book readers, it needed no energy from batteries, started to show the text just when the reader put the eyes on it, and stopped as soon as the reader's eyes were directed elsewhere. It was small and could be carried in a pocket, he said he had one of those wonderful gadget in his pocket and took out for all the audience to see... a printed book!

    So, maybe, just maybe, not all is lost yet!!

  7. Its amusing to hear your story, Untony. Especially since it was the infamous Dr Asimov which responded in such a manner! His reaction ironically digresses from his work, don't you think? Haha. But it is glad to hear nevertheless, that he still keeps the physical book in high regard. Thanks for sharing.


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