Thursday, 22 March 2012

So I Wait

Its baffling what a feeling of hopelessness can drive a man to do. If you ever found yourself dead lost in the middle of an obscure jungle, you won’t naturally sit under a tree, be calm, and think about where best to start your fire. You will press forward, pummel forcefully through leaves and branches. Your heart will pound desperately as you surge and lunge for familiarity. You will want to be found, you will expect to find direction. In those frantic moments, the thought of remaining calm and patient rarely dawns. Yet, ironically so, it is usually in those moments of solitude and waiting that we eventually figure our way. I suppose the only question which remains is, how long these moments take…
So I wait.

Whilst expectations and fabrications correlate
To implicate
The very forces that lifted me,
Beyond the reach of belittling fate.

But there lay a path straight
To amicable acceptance
Regardless of my state.
And though time, His and ours, nay a replicate
Never will He be late.

So I wait.
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