Monday, 31 October 2011

The Rain

You restore, you reinvigorate,
Unstinting; give life.

You destroy, you refrain,
Stubborn; take life. 

Rain O rain,
Thy blessing, thy sting…



  1. Nice Tim. Rain seems to inspire many people, keep up the good work and don't forget to visit me at

  2. I love the rain, especially when it falls in sheets!

  3. @Drew, it truly does inspire, but at the moment, for us living in South East Asia, it terrifies. Yes, am visiting! Thanks for yours!

    @Violet, indeed! However, in my part of the world, we had a rare occurrence of minor hail yesterday. It wasn't so lovely for others, unfortunately! Anyway thanks for your visit! Hope to hear more from you!

  4. Reminds me of the Irish playwright J.M. Synge's "Riders to the Sea", where a woman loses all the men in her family to the sea, which for her island community is both life-giver (fishing is their livelihood, and their only access to groceries and other daily necessities on the mainland), and life-destroyer (every trip out to the rough sea is very dangerous).

    Rain or sea, water is both blessing and sting indeed!

  5. Never knew this simple piece remind one of so much. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Drop by Drop it nourishes our hearts gives new meanings to our life.

  7. New meanings to our life.. never saw it in that way. Appreciate your comment.


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