Monday, 12 December 2011

In Higher Hands

We look around, and we feel small. We see that man with a seemingly flawless business, that lady with the mad piano skills, that dreamer who lives his dream, and we can’t help but feel small. Yet, He holds us in ways higher, ways unfathomable. Ways worth trusting.

Peering within, in light of others,
Nothing but small, bitter, inferior.
Our gifts, nay others a better,
Nevertheless, ordained by thy Maker.

Our Father, in His wisdom and splendour,
Rendereth some stronger, some truly weaker.
Injustice, fear, fill our hearts, a ponder,
But you; O you, held in hands a higher.

Gideon weak, David small, Paul a persecutor,
Peter faltered, Thomas doubted, and Judas Iscariot a traitor.
Joseph young, Rahab a harlot, Moses was a stutterer.
For goodness sake, Lazarus was dead a prior!

Yet, in weakness, God entered the picture,
To fulfilleth His purpose; divine and mightier.
Likewise, in our frailties, though we doubt and anger,
But you; O you, held in hands a higher.



  1. Trusting GOD in tiring times is the smartest thing one can do. He has proved himself a fortress for God fearing people of ancient times and ready to help those who're completely trusting him.

  2. I wholly agree, George. It is in the trying times where He can reveal His majesty.

  3. Lazarus was dead a prior!!! Thanks for reminding, what else can be more intimidating than death itself, no one is too weak or too small to shine for Him.


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