Sunday, 25 December 2011

But To Proclaim

Having everything, yet nothing.

Simply gazing along the streets is a pondering pleasure. Commanding colours bustling with character, decorations intricate in their ensemble, intentions clear and deliberate. Lights arrayed in longing lingerings; gleaming under the sun, glancing under the moon.

The stage is set. But there seems to be no play.

The lights emanate without embrace.
The songs sing without spirit.
The city dreams without hope.

They have everything, yet nothing.

I think about him, whom I first met in the bus; hurling fabricate perceptions and presumptions, sparing him with naught… He, of whom, I will never meet ever again, in this lifetime.

I reel in the truth. I stagger in The Truth.

How many more shall wander, before we ponder.

Forgive us, remind us,
‘Tis not to entertain
…but to proclaim.



  1. Your words are part of a wonderful entity that reach toward our most cherished feeling, AfterTm!

    The world was created in lights and colors.

    Redemption will touch it just lightly, that is why we have everything but nothing.

    We glimpse the beauty but we do not see its wholly grandeur yet.

    But the stage is set, characters are still not defined

    We know the songs, we know the dreams, we just perceive the dim image of the owner of it all

    It seems as is every one we met is the one, but there are still many spaces for the bricks to build the wall

    Truth stagger us, especially when we try to mix it with truth, which resemble reality but is just a shadow of it

    We must wander, and wonder, and ponder until the vector of time reaches Eternity

    Meanwhile, we are forgiven, we are reminded

    Do not take it easily

    Proclaim that voice that call from the desert and invite to go and dwell deep into our soul!

    Thank you for opening some hidden gate in the fathomless innards of my self letting me to be not as beautiful as your work is, but being a humble companion of the spirit of the Season!

  2. Hey Tony, sorry for the late reply! But thanks for dropping by again, and for this great insight you have given. I would have never saw such parallels through this piece; I suppose He has a weird way of uncovering mysteries and truths.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!


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